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Big Fans, for Big Results

Vortikül manufactures US designed High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fans from high quality European key parts for global customers that need durable, energy efficient, and low maintenance thermal comfort solutions. With years of industry expertise, Vortikül™ sticks with what works best, and have found that not only do big fans produce big results, but also that having more blades also makes a big difference.  Vortikül™ is the only HVLS manufacturer with a 10-blade fan to deliver best results to customers, rather than trying to scrimp by adding fewer blades to move the air.


Treiben, brought to you by Vortikül, is German for moving forward or to propel. Not only does a Treiben AirOar™ blade propel the air around you for cooling comfort, they well represent US and European contemporary design and innovation that ensures they

look as great as they perform. In other words, Treiben will move your interior décor and thermal comfort forward to new levels.

Don't Be Left in the Dark

Eclipse™ is a US-concept electronic controlled glass tinting system that allows you to transition any glass door or window from a transparent state to an opaque (frosted) reflective surface at the touch of a button. Gain privacy, security, and reduce radiant heat all while still allowing more natural light than traditional blinds and curtains. Whether on or off Eclipse™ always blocks up to 99% of UV rays. Possibility to connect to Internet of Things (IoT) control system as a key part of your climate control, automatically changing the windows to opaque state to reduce radiant heat during times of direct sunlight.


Everyone Deserves to Be Cool

Dafydd & Yōng is an authorized dealer of Breezer Mobile Cooling, the leading US manufacturer of mobile atomizing coolers, in the Asia Pacific region. Breezer's US-manufactured Power Breezer and O2 mobile cooling units were built in accordance with US military requirements, which means that they will provide years of cooling comfort when and where needed with very little maintenance required.


Favorable Designs, Favorable Winds

Weymouth Bay is a premium ceiling fans brand. Weymouth Bay ceiling fans are designed to not only to produce favorable wind, but also to ensure that the fans provide visual comfort with great design as well. To this end, Weymouth Bay is designed with a modular concept to switch out blades to match one's most current decor. Weymouth Bay is the maker of AirOar™ blades, ceiling fan blades that are styled after rowing oars for very effective air flow and are the first blades to have a premium top-grain, stitched leather finish.

Innovation in Sight and Sound

The Luminaudi™, the US designed ceiling or wall light with integrated Bluetooth® wireless sound system, gives the power and flexibility to improve your surroundings. Luminaudi is a unique modular system, housed in durable aluminum, that mounts to the ceiling or wall, freeing up valuable shelf and floor space. With its standard, energy efficient LED programmable tri-color (natural light, warm white, day light) light kit, set the color and brightness to the level to match the mood or activity. Separate modules, which include projectors, 360° cameras, air purifiers, and more, will be made available to meet current or future residential or commercial needs.

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